Friday, June 6, 2008

Music in the Future

I predict that albums will cease to exist, perhaps, that people won't be so imaginative,maybe that's just me, that music will be played live more often, and that music may get better if we somehow find something else to"talk" about.

The Future of Hunting in my eyes!!!!

I think that the future of hunting will go very far. Every year we get more and better equipment. And I think that we will keep doing that. I really like our equipment and excited to find out what is in the future. I think that we will end up having a lot of night vision things. And a lot of other things like that. I really like hunting and am ready for what ever they come up with next.


I'm not sure what the future in music will be. I think that the music industry will go very far. Technology will be all that music is. I think that people will not use real instruments. Instead of real guitars, they will be like a guitar hero guitar. People won't have any talent. Everything will be made on a computer. Maybe at one point in time it won't be a real person singing. It will be a computerized voice. I think songs will get longer in length too.


What the future holds for the tait band i can not say. But i can that i have high hopes for them they are really good. I hope that they make it, they send out a really goood message out to those who are lost(sorry).

The Future of Baseball

I believe that in the future of baseball Albert Pujols will win the triple crown award because in 2006 he appeared in the top three of all three titles: Home Runs, RBI's, and Batting AVG. He has won RBI and Batting Champion awards before. He has put together some of the best stats in just seven years than anyone I have ever seen. I have his autograph and have met him. You could say we are "Homies."

The future of music

In the future I think that the music videos will become more sexual and show more contact between the opposite sex. Look how bad it is know, and look at the music videos in the past and how much they have changed. It probably wont take very long before gay people start making out and tough in the music videos. That will be so gross.
Then you will have singers that lip sing and get payed to due that. And then when they get caught and the media makes a big deal out of it even though they have known about it all along.

What Dose The Movies Hold For Us?

I hope they have new stuff in the future were we will not have to go to the movies we can stay at home or go with friends to see them. That is what i think and we have DVD/CD players in cars today but we need something new. And it would be cooler to have something new to have and what i would like to see come out is like a DVD player that is like hologram or something like that i would think that would be cool to see something like that.

Future in music.

Hello people! How is everyone doing today?? Really? Well...that's nice.
I think that the future for music is going to be going strong.
I think that artists are going to be very creative with their albums and music videos.
At least I hope they will be!
I hope all the good bands keep going with their success.
I predict that everyone will be able to have a shot at success though really rich bands, donating money to the inspired.
I also think that more bands will get into drugs, and they will overdose and DIE!
I predict that their will be more violence.
I predict that there will be more hot guys. (Of course)

The Future of Media

I believe that media will change a lot in the future. There will be no VHS tapes at all. Cassette tapes will be no longer present. I believe that every movie will be done in high-def regardless of the length or subject. People will be able to order movies with their cell phone at any point in time. The Nintendo Wii is the future in video games. Every system will start to make games that can put into a headset that will beam images onto a screen after it is turned on.

In the area of television, viewers will have the chance to hit pause on their remotes. After they hit pause, they will have the chance to construct the next scene. Television shows will have options for the viewer to pick so they have a say on how the show runs.

We will also have flat screen computers at every public restaurant and business with a portable mouse that will enable people to go on the internet whenever they desire.

We will also have self starting vehicles. The vehicles will start with a push of a button on a computerized remote. The doors will only open due to voice recognition. This will cut down on car theft.

What else will we have? Only time will tell.

The legend of country music

Johnny Cash is one of the best country signer that has ever been through music history. He was born during the depression on February 26, 1932. He was brought in to this world in Kingsland Arkansas. Johnny's brother died at the age of 14. During this time johnny was only 12 years old.When Johnny Cash graduated he decided to go in to the Air Forces. He used the name John because, the are force would not use initials. His first band was started when he was stationed in Germany. After the war he sold appliance door to door. Before getting into the music career. "Walk the line" was Johnny's first number 1 hit. Johnny wear black because every one else was wearing rhinestones and sparkly clothing. During 1992 he was inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll hall of fame. In 2003 Johnny died at the age of 71.

Johnny Cash will always be a musical legend. He is one of the best country artist. Most people still listen to him even though he passed away. Most kids to day do not know him. Even the older teens don't know him. And its very said to me because most of his songs are about the really life. And i think that it will help a lot of teens and kids realize what it was like to live in the past.


The History of Remington

Remington was invented in the year of 1816 by Eliphlet Remington ll
believed he could build a better gun than he could buy, and he set out to craft such a gun on his father's forge located at Ilion Gulph, New York. In the autumn of 1816, Eliphalet entered a shooting match with his new flintlock rifle, and while he only finished second, his handmade rifle was a success. Orders for new Remington-made rifles and barrels began to accumulate from the many other contestants, and before Eliphalet left the shooting field, he was in the gun business. Remington moved its operations from Ilion Gulph to a site close to the newly constructed Erie Canal. This site, in Ilion, New York, is part of the property on which the Ilion firearm plant sits today. The Remington Revolver was the only firearm to offer a challenge to the dominant Colt revolvers. It was considered by many to be every bit the gun a Colt was, and then some. It is said that soldiers of the Civil War would trade a handful of Colts for one Remington Army. After the war, the Remington out-sold the Colts as a surplus weapon because the soldiers had seen how the two guns stood up side by side to combat use.

It is important to me because if it did not happen we would not have the Remington gun factory. And i like that company more.


Advertisement for the Vitascope motion picture projector, marketed by the Edison Manufacturing Company even though it was invented by Thomas Armat and C. Francis Jenkins.

I really don't know much about this but it shows films and it was invited April 2,1895 to April 23, 1896 and when it was out for sell November 1896 and that is all i know right now.

The reason that this is good for every one today is because if they did not have that then we will not be able to see movies and go out with friends and your girl friend to see the new movies that came out but i think this is one of the best things that came out in its time

Television-- Friend or Foe?

There once was a point in time in which television networks had standards. The famed TV show "Happy Days" got in trouble once because Fonzie used the word "diaper." Get this. That word was considered dirty! That's pretty ironic isn't it? The word pregnant was also considered to be a no-no. George Carlin had a routine entitled "seven words you don't say on TV." He used them all almost exclusively in that routine. Now every one of those words has appeared at least on a cable show. My how far we have come. For instance, there was a CSI show in which Grissom is investigating a murder at a vampire sex cult house. That never would have been shown in the past due to indecency.

Many people are wondering why people are less friendly than ever before. There are so many families that are cracking apart. I believe that it very possibly could be the fact that so many people are exposed to things that they weren't exposed to in the past. It starts with the kids shows today. So many of them are filled with adult humor and plot lines like never before. I am not saying that television is the downfall of society. I am saying that the almighty dollar is the downfall of society. As long as there are people willing to submit to the demands of a product, networks will continue to push the envelope. Society needs to stop being mindless sheep led to the slaughter. Let's let sleeping dogs lie.

Dir en Grey.

Dir en grey formed in 1997, with the sole purpose to spread the feeling of hurt and sorrow caused by weakness, shallowness and egoism of humanity.

Since then, their grotesque ways, their warped affection, and their crazy live shows took the independent record scene by a storm, putting them on the very top.

In 1999, their fame caught the attention of then CEO of East West Japan. Thus signing them to a major record label. They debuted releasing 3 singles at once, very rare for a newcomer.

Of course, all 3 songs hit the top 10 on the charts. After that, all their releases would hit the top 10 on the charts proving that more and more people were sympathizing with their lyrics.

In 2002, their fame hit all of Asia. During their Asia Tour they traveled to Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Shanghai. And in Shanghai, public safety officers had to be called in to calm the excited fans.

When they first formed, their expressions of pain came from struggling and writhe, hiding inside the feelings of hurt and suffering. But as time passed, their pain became a cry also a message.

Now, Dir en grey has changed its target from Japan to the World.
From their unstable beginning, the band itself has gone through many changes and revolutions. It is clear that their music is their tool to send out a message, and they have only just begun.

This band is very important to me. Some of their lyrics really touch me. One song is about abortion and how it is wrong. For them to continue being successful, all they need to do is keep doing whatever it is they do. Obviously whatever they are doing is working just fine. Ha.


The very first Woodstock started on Friday afternoon at 5:07 pm August 15th 1969. This Woodstock was in New York. It went from Friday to Monday morning. There was more than 450,000 people that went to this event. This big bash cost more than 2.4 million dollars. It was sponsored by four very different men: John Roberts, Joel Rosenman, Artie Kornfeld, and Michael Lang. All of these men were in their twenties. Since there were so many people there was a traffic jam. The performers that were at Woodstock: Richie Havens, Sweetwater, Bert Sommer, Tim Hardin, Ravi Shankar, Melanie, Arlo Guthrie, The Who, Jefferson Airplane, Joe Cocker, And many more. There were at least 32 performers there. Woodstock has been a very historical musical festival throughout the years!

I have never been to Woodstock ,but I think it would be a really cool experience. Woodstock is not only a rock concert, it is a part of history.

Staind Biography

Staind was formed in November 1995, and is is a four-piece alternative band from Longmeadow, Massachusetts. They released their first album, Tormented, in November 29, 1996. Their second album, Dysfunction, became extremely popular and sold over two million copies in the U.S. Their third album, Break The Cycle, became more popular with heartfelt (and reportedly improvised) lyrics, solo acoustic guitar, and backing vocals by Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit. Staind's more recent albums are 14 Shades of Grey and Chapter V. Aaron Lewis(the bald guy) is the lead vocalist/guitarist,John Wysocki plays the drummer,Mike Mushok is another guitarist, and Johnny April is plays bass.

I think that Staind has good lyrics, good instumentals, and good vocals, so therefore they should be listened to.

1919 Chicago Black Sox Scandal

The 1919 World Series was a battle between the Chicago White Sox and the Cincinnati Reds. The events of the series are often called the Black Sox Scandal, when several members of the Chicago franchise accepted money from gamblers to throw the World Series games. The 1919 World Series was the last World Series to take place without a Commissioner of Baseball in place. The player in it the most was their first basemen Arnold "Chick" Gandil along with many others. One player that was caught in the wrong place in the wrong time was "Shoeless" Joe Jackson. The Gamblers put money in an envelope and slid it under the door to his hotel room. Because of his lack of education, he could not read so he didn't know what the money was for. He still played his hardest, but it wasn't enough for the lack of teamwork and because he accepted money he kicked out of baseball and lost his ticket to the Hall of Fame. I think he was not supposed to be kicked out of baseball or the Hall of Fame because he could not read. It was unfair and they let steroid pumpers get away with anything.

Music becomes personal and childish

As a child Emmanuel Jal hated the fact that he was alive. All he wanted to do was die. It was like he was married to hatred and war. He is a originally from Kenya. He moved here to get a better life and to start over. When he raps he puts his past into his songs to let people know.

It's so sad that kids don't have families that care about them and take care of them. It's a really good thing that he was able to start over. Most people don't get that chance. Everyone needs to get help as long as they are willing to get off there butts and work hard then I don't have a problem with them getting help. But it sounds like he did a really good job at putting his feet on the ground.

The band Rascal Flatts is a very good band. The songs that they sing always seem to have a very good meaning. Some of the songs that they sing "Life is a highway", "Me and my gang", I can only imagine", and "Feels like today". They are American Germany award winning country music group. Also they will be in the Hannah Montana movie.
To me they are One of the best bands in country music. They seem to get along really well. I have heard a lot of there songs, and the best me is "Me and my gang". To me the song is telling how well they get along or even they way they get along with other people. Other then that I think that it is a shame that they are showing up in the Hannah Montana movie. I have nothing against Mily but i don't really like her. I sometime watch her show due to my little sisters. But grown adults should not do little kids movies. To me it will be a down grade to Rascal Flatts.


This is the band that was being formed by Michael Tait while DC TALK was breaking. I could not find their newest song but a really good one is lose this life this song is a really good song if you like slow but meaningful songs. This song not only is slow but it leaves kind of a meaning behind. I don't know how to say it but it kind orf leaves something behind if you know what i'm talking about.

The mishaps of Amy Winehouse

Who: Amy Winehouse
What: Amy showed up late to her concert in Lisbon, Portugal, her first concert since leaving rehab, with cuts visible on her arm, her hand bandaged, and a sore throat.
When: No clue
Where: Lisbon, Portugal
Why: I guess she's just messed up on drugs, and has other problems.

I think that she needs to go back to rehab or start taking medication for her problems, and try to stop getting high.

Rivalry of the Ages

The LA Lakers - Boston Celtics Rivalry is the greatist in history and is the oldest in NBA history. They have met in the finals over ten times and each time they come to redeem themselves for what each teams have done to the other in the past. They have had some of the greatist players in NBA history and in most peoples opinion the "Two Best Teams In History."


Matisyahu (born Matthew Paul Miller, June 30, 1979) is an American reggae musician.

Known for blending traditional themes with reggae and Jewish rock sounds, Matisyahu is most recognizable for being a member of Chabad-Lubavitch, a chassidic group of Judaism, but has recently left Chabad-Lubavitch and is now a mainstream Chassid, looking into the Karlin Hasidic sect. As such, Matisyahu stands out for wearing the traditional clothing of Hasidic Jews and not performing on the Sabbath. Since 2004, he has released two studio albums as well as one live album, two remix CDs and one DVD featuring a live concert, and a number of interviews. Through his short career, Matisyahu has teamed up with some of the biggest names in reggae production including Bill Laswell and duo Sly & Robbie.

Since his debut, Matisyahu has received positive reviews from both rock and reggae outlets. Most recently, he was named Top Reggae Artist of 2008 by Billboard.

This is important to me because he is awesome! I love this band, he has a very interesting voice and style of music. Most people wouldn't think that I listen to reggae but I do. I think most of the reggae music is very inspirational and up lifting.

current events with switchfoot

This year switchfoot has let out a new album and has recenly had a concert. This bands next concert is in like two weeks. Their new song is called"Jesus Hope", I really like this song it is good. If you like slow but upbeat songs, this is a good one for you.

New Items To Get!!!!

Item 1

Garmin® nĂ¼vi® 205 Automotive GPS Personal Navigation Unit

Have you ever been lost in the middle of the woods hunting. I have been a couple of times. Out in the middle of God know where with no cell phone service. This GPS navigation unit will make it where you are no longer in that situation. with this you will know where you are at and what is around you. It's features are:
Sleek, pocket-sized design; Easy-to-use interface; 3.5" QVGA color touchscreen ;Built-in maps of the 48 contiguous states, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii (pre-loaded on the removable SD memory card); 1.3 million POIs; QuickSpell™; SmartDetour™; Bird’s-eye 3-D view; Rechargeable battery ;Automatic re-route; Address book.
I think that this would be a great thing to buy it has everything that you need. You will never me lost again. i think that this would be a great investment. I am going to buy one win i get a little bit of money.

Item 2

CVA Optima 209 Break-Action Muzzleloaders

This gun is a great gun. I love it. I actually had one at a time. But I sold it to me brother. It was a very nice gun. It is a very accurate and fast. It's features are:
#209 ignition, Removable stainless steel breech plug, Break-action design, New dotgrip ambidextrous stock design with cheek piece, Fiber optic sights, Ready for scope mounts, Includes aluminum ramrod, 1:28'' twist.

I had this gun for a year then sold it to my brother. It was the best Muzzleloader I have ever owned. This is such a nice gun. I would recommend then gun to anyone.


The band Yes was planning on going on their 40th anniversary tour ,but they called it off. Jon Anderson was told by the doctor's that he needs to recover for 6 months due to a severe asthma attack that left him hospitalized with respiratory failure. Yes is best known for "Owner of a Lonely Heart" in 1983. The band's tour probably won't be rescheduled until 2009.

Another event that is going on is that the 23 year old, Avril Lavigne has signed with Procter and Gamble Prestige Products to launch her new fragrance line. There is no word yet on what the fragrance will be called. Also, no one knows what kind of smells will be in the perfume.

I am not a big fan of Yes. The band not being on tour does not really affect me. I never listen to them. Also, I like Avril Lavigne ,but I won't be purchasing her fragrance. I even have some of her albums ,but I'm not a big enough fan to buy her perfume.

Hancock vs The Happening

Hancock, 26
Days to Theater Premiere
July 2, 2008
A hard-drinking superhero with a notorious reputation as a womanizer enters into an unlikely affair with a small-town housewife in director Peter Berg's unconventional look at the private life of a superhuman crime-fighter....
Will Smith, Charlize Theron, Jason Bateman, Eddie Marsan, Director, Peter Berg
The Happening
Days to Theater Premiere
June 13, 2008
Lady in the Water director M. Night Shyamalan puts PG-13 suspense on pause to tell this grim apocalyptic tale about a family fleeing a natural disaster that poses a grave threat to the whole of humanity. Mark Wahlberg and Spencer Breslin star....
Mark Wahlberg, Zooey Deschanel, John Leguizamo, Ashlyn Sanchez, Betty Buckley
M. Night Shyamalan
MPAA Rating
91 min.
I think they both are going to be good and i am really looking forward to see The Happening because i like those kind of movies. And the other one is just going to be a funny movie but both of them are going to be good i think. Will Smith has some good 1s out there the one with his son is a really good 1 and it is a sad and happy movie but i liked it. I also think that all of the people that act in both of the movies are really good actors.


Pearl Jam Plan Collaboration With Jack White At Bonnaroo

Who: Pearl Jam and Jack White of White Stripes
What: Their plan to sing together at the Bonnroo Festival
When: June 12-15
Where: Bonnaroo, Tennessee
Why: Jack White is an awesome singer, in my opinion, and some of Pearl Jam's music sounds good.

I gess it's a good idea, I really don't care all that much; I'm not that big of a fan.

Let Kobe be Kobe

This article was found on about some people telling Kobe that he needs to be more like Mike. "I don't want to be compared to Michael Jordan," Kobe told the press. "Let me be me." "They are the two best players of their generation- bar none." Says Mark Kriegal. Kobe got to play against Jordan, and now he gets to chase his records. He's still only 29. And with a victory over Boston in the Finals and as the best and most clutch player on either team, he'll have four championships. Jordan didn't win his first until he was 28. Unlike Jordan Kobe has won an Olympic Gold Medal. Also they both have Mvp's.


Underoath is a Christian metal band and they just absolutely rock. They have some concerts coming up this summer, yay! They will be touring the U.S then be heading to Europe, and most likely they will be on the Warped Tour. They have been a band for years now, and they are very famous, duh. There little symbol is 777...make sense much?

This is important to me because they are one of my favorite bands! If I could, I would so buy a ticket and head out to Springfield or somewhere to watch them. One of their songs sticks out most to me, mainly for certain lyrics. "It's dangerous business walking out your front door" has this one lyrics that means alot to me, "pain has never been so brilliant." I'm pretty sure that this song is about someone being in a car crash and they died. If your read between the lines, you'll notice.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

what moderen christian rock musicians have to face every day

Modern Christian rock musicians have to face is a lot of crap people think that just because they don't look or sing the same that they are just outcasts trying to fit in. I think that if you are a christian you should accept any form of music old, new , slow, fast. I think that if you can like one form of music then you can like any kind. some people like slow songs better than fast but some our the other way around but i prefer slow music.

What Would I Do?

What i would do is get better actors and sound. And the age thing like you have to be a certain age to see a movie i think that works out and make all of the people that act do there own stunts like some of the other people do.And i would not really like to have some kids in movies they need to be like 15 16 because of the fighting and stuff like that and i would ask the actors to see what they would like to do the stuff that i have or what they would like to do in the movies and see how it comes out?And go to different place's to film the movie.

After Life- A7X


Issues in America

1) The decrease of the value of the dollar
2) gas prices
3) taxes/social security

The dollar is decreasing in value currently, and that's because the economy is faltering. It now takes 7 cents to make every nickel and 3 cents to make every penny. The economy is going bad, because of prices going sky high across the board (inflation). Housing is too expensive, automotive companies are struggling to make ends meet, and the American public frequenly pays with credit or debit cards and don't even carry cash on them.

Gas prices are way too high. The national average is frequently near $4.00, while sometimes the average will seep over that total. Premium gas prices have made it almost impossible for people to own luxury cars, and the rise in diesel fuels have made a lot of truckers have to put their trucks up for sale.

Social security needs to be reworked. The majority of the baby boomers (40-55 year olds) might not even have enough to live on. Something has to be done.

I personally would do a lot of things to fix these problems. Things just need to be reworked. I would pump my oil right here in the USA to lower prices. To raise the value of things around the US, I would slash minimum wage down. I also think that the government takes a little bit too much financial compensation. I'm not saying the government should be completely hands off, but I do think that it shouldn't be this big and overwhelming.

Things have changed though. There are a lot more issues in America today that deal with domestic issues. A lot of people are struggling right now from coast to coast. In the 1950s and 60s, it seemed that the majority of the problems in the US stemmed from overseas events like Vietnam. We need a strong presidential candidate to come in and take control and get this country back on the right track.


Todays goverment has to deal with terrorists, public schools, and gas prices. Back in the day about 55 years ago the world mainly woried about communists, media, and balance. All of these things all are problems but some not as important.Now all we worrie about terrorits, money and border control. These are very big today and if these issues would start to die down america would eventualy find more to complian about. If public schools were turned into private schools over half of our country's teens would probably drop out. Every one is saying that we should pull all of our trops out and just leave the iraqianes alone but if we did that we would probably get attacked agian. Gas prices are a big problem for alot of people, especially parnets with kids that are involved in sports, or extra caricular activities.


  • Gas prices
  • Violence
  • Illegal aliens

Everyone has problems. No matter who you are. The problem that has been affecting everyone is the price of gasoline. In just a year, on average regular gas has increased by $0.74. Premium gasoline prices have increased by $0.94. Gas prices have gone up partly because of the Iraq War. Also, the price of oil is the reason its gone up too. When gas increases, so does everything else. People can't afford to go out and do things anymore because of it. At one point in time gas prices were no big deal ,but now they are a huge deal and this problem won't go away.

Another problem is violence in the United States. Violence have not necessarily increased ,but it has changed. People used to fight over land ,but now people will fight over anything. People will find any reason to sue other person. There was someone that sued Mc. Donald's because their coffee was too hot and it spilt on them. That's horrible.

Illegal aliens are very popular in the United States right now and I don't think they should be. The Illegal aliens don't belong here. They don't like us when we're in their country ,but it is fine if they are in ours. I know we are home of the brave and the free ,but they just jumped over the fence to get here. If they have their green card and they are legal that is one thing. I have no problem with that.

If I could change these I would. I would pump the gasoline from America. I wouldn't import from other country's. The gas is right here in the United States, so why not use it? I'm not sure how I would help stop the violence. People will do anything to make money. I would keep the illegal aliens out by giving them three warnings and then shooting them. There is a law that says if there is someone trespassing you can shoot them. The illegal aliens are trespassing so they should be shot. Also, I would build a huge brick wall just like the Great Wall of China.

These are just a few problems that America has. Within the past years, these problem have got worse and I wish they would get better. The thing with that is I think it will be a very long time before these problems are solved. If they ever become solved?

Thing that are wrong in th U.S.

The diffferences between gas prices 20 years ago and now.

Back then the gas prices were really low. Back then I person could go to the as pump and pay a dollar to fill there tank. Now that dollar won't even pay for a half of a gallon. If a person goes to the pump today it is nothing to pay $3.79 a gallon. back then it was like 15 cents a galon. The gas price has sored since then and I think that it is stupid and if it keeps going up we are not going to be able to pay for it and no one will be able to do anything. Not even work because the people can not afford to pay for gas to get to work. And we can lower the price by doing one thing PUMPIING OUT OF ALASKA!!! If we were to pump out of Alaska the price would drop a lot. And that is what we need to do. ASAP!!!!!

Violence back 20 years ago and now!!!

Violence back 20 years ago was not as high as it is today. Back then people fought over things like land and things like that. Today a person will fight over anything and everything like girls, land, countrys, anything and everything. No matter what it is a person today will find something wrong and will start a fight and or provoke violence. I think that at a piont the violence needs to stop. Like when people get into a fight because of somthing someone said i think is to far and stupid and piontless.

Eminent Domain

With this law the government can come back and seize land at anytime theat they want. I think that is a bunch of BULL CRAP!! They should not be able to do that. It is our land we should be able to keep it without thinking that the government will and can take there land.

Back To The Old Times Then Back To The New Time


1.Back in the old times there was a bad thing about violence and fighting and today we are fighting to against terrorist and that is a big problem that we have.

2.And we also have the gas price back then was like 10 cent a gallon and now it is almost $4.00 a gallon.

3.And we have people all ways setting other people up for something to gain for there self gain and that is what the try to do back then to.

On the violence and fighting all we can do about that is try are best to not to do it but as long as Bush is in the wight house then we will not stop the war because his dad started it and he is just trying to finish what his dad started.

And the gas if they just stop the war and bring every one home then it will be fine and if they get in are reserved oil then we will not have this ether and if the go some were that we own the oil at and pump it then we also will not have the gas going up.

If the people just live there life the way they have it now then we will not have that 1 but they just want more money and more power to do what they want and that is what it seemed like in the movie to me all she wanted is power and more money and every thing that she had was good for them but that is my opinion.

Well it just did how every thing evolved in to what it is today and how much more we know today then they did back then and how much more the world is going down becuase of every one not careing what this world is comeing to?

Comparisons and Contrasts of Worldly Concerns

Back then, around 50 years ago, the main worldly concern was Communism, violence, and media. Violence is, of course, a major concern in our world today. Media is a concern mainly for anyone who's trying to make it into the big life, or anyone who's trying to become a part of the but still a concern nevertheless. Communism isn't such a concern today, seeing as it has died down government,in our country, at least.

Three major issues that we face today are gas prices, violence, and terrorism. In order to lower gas prices, I say we tap into Alaska's oil reserves; we'll have plenty oil to go around. If we just execute the people that are put on death row when they get sentenced, we'll have more room for the minorly-convicted felons. If we just pull our troops out of Iraq and the other foreign countries, instead of fighting for a lost cause and getting blown up for it, as well as find some way to make peace with them, we may be able to stop getting killed by terrorists.

Boring stuff.

1. High gas prices
2. More drugs
3. More violence
4. Communism

There are alot of issues that have been increasing since the 50's. For one thing, gas prices have more then doubled. Alot of people don't really understand why, but it's because of the war that is currently taking place in Iraq. Back then of course there were war, but the gas didn't go up massively like this. Drugs is a big difference now and days. Yes, there were drugs, but not like the ones we have today. There are more chemicals in drugs now and days, these chemicals can kill a person from just one use. Violence has become a big issue also. Back in the day parents didn't have to worry about their kids going outside to play, now and days their are kids getting kidnapped and murdered, raped. As for communism, it seems like it has changed alot. I guess back then, you didn't own your own land, the state did, but today, people have privet property, something people didn't have back then, in the communism days.

I could change alot of this crap easy. First, Id tell that stupid president Bush to bring home the troops! Maybe if this country didn't act the way we do, other countries wouldn't try to kill us! With the whole drugs issue. I don't really have any problem with it. If people want to selfishly indulge in drugs, I'm all for it. It's their body they are going to be abusing, not mine. It's none of my business. Violence can easily be stopped, but with all the psycho people out there that find pleasure in committing crimes are still running wild. Kill all of them, then their wont commit the crimes. Communism to me sounds really homo. I cant change it, so I wont even go there.

Issues faced in music

1. Taxing music
2. The album going out of style
3. Music being bought online
4. Obtaining music via programs such as Lime wire, illegal downloading, in other words
5. Less money for music labels
6. Performing live music becoming more necessary to sell albums and other band merchandise.
7. Revenue from music labels going to YouTube, Imeem, We7, Nokia, etc.
8. Music has went from being known as a product to a service

Either get rid of albums altogether, or disable downloading and/or buying of music via computer/mobile device, or completely switch to playing live, and stop taxing music!!!

Hello from New England!!

Just wanted to say hello and comment on everyones' writing. I think it is amazing what you are doing here on the blog. I love all of your usernames! I know there a million things you would rather be doing, but what you are doing here on the blog is important stuff. Hopefully, some of you are having fun, too. The writing Mr. Tutterrow is having you do is helping all of you make connections to the world around you, as well as increasing your fluency as writers. Good writers write, and as read your posts, I realized how well some of you already write. The best thing one can do to improve writing ability is to simply write. Keep up the great work! I will enjoy reading your posts from afar.
Speaking of afar, I am in New Hampshire writing my master's thesis. I always feel inspired to write when I am here. I have enclosed a couple of pics. One of them is of me on a whale watching adventure off the Atlantic coast. We saw over thirty whales. Most of the whales we saw are humpbacks, but we also saw some fin and minke whales as well. The humpbacks are by far the most fascinating. They become curious of us and swim right up to boat to check us out. I have some great video, one shot shows a breach, which is unusual to see, let alone capture on video. I am excited to show it to all of you this August.
The second picture is the view of Lake Winnepesaukee taken from the back door of my wife's brothers house. This is one of the most inspiring places to write for me. I wrote a poem last summer about the view.
Like I said, I will continue to read your posts and lrk from afar, so keep it up!

Talk to you later.

Mr. N.

P.S. Hello Sonja!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


  1. People would listen to records and now they download everything.
  2. You don't have to have talent.
  3. The price on everything has gone up.
  4. Rock 'N' Roll use to be the Devil's music.
  5. Music use to be illegal in some towns like the movie Footloose.
  6. In order to make the "Big Time", people had to climb their way to the top. Now people just get on reality television.
  7. The economy.
  8. Music styles have changed.
  9. The length of songs are longer now.
  10. Record sales are down.

The way I would change some things would be to decrease prices. Also, I would end all of the reality shows. If people really want something bad enough they will go to great lengths to get there. Not everything on this list is still a bad thing. It's a good thing that things have improved. I'm glad that Rock 'N' Roll is no longer Devil's music. Today's music is worse than back then.

The World We Live In Today!!

Things that we have to face today rather than back years ago.

  1. Hunting licenses, need then now didn't need them years ago.
  2. Hunting Tags, didn't care back years ago how many animals were killed like we are today.
  3. The price of shells & arrows have gone up a lot.
  4. The price to mount an animal on the wall is higher now.
  5. The Prices of Guns & Bows.
  6. Back then you did not have to hunt within a season, you could go and hunt when you wanted to.
  7. Back then people hunted for what they needed, now people hunt cause they can.
  8. We have better guns and faster bows than back then.
  9. There was no time limits back then like there is now.
  10. Back then a person couldn't get into trouble for tresspasing. like they do today. if you do that today you will get either shot, prosecuted, or in JAIL.
The Government has limited everything that we do. we can not do anything with out the government knowing about it. And it Sucks!!!

Ways I would make these issues change!!!
1. I would not change this because it helps us a lot. Like in managment and paying for things that the conservation agents need.
2. I like the tags because, when we buy tags it give the MCD money to help with Conservation Areas. And other things like that.
3. Make more shells and arrows then people can buy more and the companies will make more money.
5. Make the guns out of cheaper metal, and cheaper but durable wood.
6. I actually like the seasons. it keeps us hunters from hunting to many deer in one year.
7. only hunt for meat not for just having fun killing and leaving the animal to die.
8. We have gotten smarter with equioment making.
9. I would make it where there is no time limits because most of the big deer are noctornal.
10. I like that law except if you shoot a deer and it goes across onto some one elses land we should be able to go and get it.

David Draiman

The lead vocalist of Disturbed was born on March 13, 1973, and his birth name is David Michael Draiman. Though he was born into a Jewish family, he practices no religion. He dubbed the band "Disturbed" because he felt that he was disturbed, as proved by his lyrics, which are awesome. The band was first formed when David responded to an ad in a local paper for a vocalist and was auditioned successfully by the existing band members.

Disturbed is important because they're a good band, and they're really successful, they've sold many, many albums, and David is a really great lyric-writer.

tait band

This is Micheal Dwayne Tait. He was born in Washington D.C. May 18Th, 1966. He has 5 sis. and 2 bros. He went to liberty university, there he met Toby McKeehan, Kevin Max (DC TALK) He was the former drum player for DC TALK!!! While he was still a band member of dc talk he was forming his own band "Tait" . It was named this in honor of his dad who died in 1999.
He is an avid motorcycle Ryder. He is a Washington Redskins fan.
This person important is that he kept going after all the things life through at him( in the death of his dad, his band breaking up, his new band selling their new albums.


Prince Rogers Nelson was born in Mount Sinai Hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Prince's birth date is June 7th, 1958. His African American father's name is John L. Nelson. His mother is white and her name is Mattie Shaw. Prince came from a musical family. Mr. Nelson played jazz piano and had a trio. Mattie sang. Not every thing in his family was musical though, he came from a broken home. Since it was broken, at one point in time Prince was adopted by the Anderson's. He became friends with their son, Andre Anderson. Prince and Andre formed a band when Prince was in Jr. High School named Grand Central. Later, Grand Central evolved into Champagne when he was in High School. In 1977, he recorded his first album entitled Minneapolis Genius. In 1978, on the album For You Prince played 26 instruments by himself. He had no band. 1999 was his breakthrough album with over 3 million copies in 1982. In the mid 1980's, there had to be Parental Advisory stickers on his record covers due to such sexuality. Prince has many accomplishments: 6 films, 4 songs reach #1 on the charts in the United States, and in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004.

Prince has done so much in his life. He started as a poor boy from Minnesota and now he is living in the high life. He has shown me that if you want something bad enough you can get there. Nothing will stop you. He went from bars and clubs to stadiums and football halftime shows. Yes, Prince is only 5ft 2inches ,but he didn't let that stand in his way. He is a little guy ,but he made his big dreams come true!!!

Metro Station owns your face! XD

The band Metro Station is Electro-rock and hails from Hollywood, CA. The band members include (in order) Blake Healy [Keyboard, synthesizer], Mason Musso [Vocals, guitar] also related to Mitchel Musso of Hannah Montana, Trace Cyrus [Vocals, guitar] also related to Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus from Hannah Montana, and Anthony Improgo [Percussion].

In 2006 they got a record deal with Red Ink, then they headed to NYC to record.

In July's 2007 issue of Alternative Press they were listed as one of the 22 best underground bands. In September 2007 they released their first full length album. The song "Shake It" is their number one song of their top ten. This band is influenced by other bands such as: The killers, Motion City Soundtrack, Mae, and Duran Duran.
Metro Station was started by Trace Cyrus and Mason Musso in 2006 after their mothers introduced them to each other. Since they both shared musical talent, they decided to use it in the creation of a band. Shortly after, Blake Healy was added as a keyboardist and synthesizer, while Musso remained as lead vocalist, and Cyrus as lead guitarist. The trio together recorded the demo track "Seventeen Forever", which they released on their Myspace Profile. The track gained the attention of percussionist Anthony Improgo, and soon after he joined as the band's drummer. With the four of them, they quickly became popular on Music section of Myspace, topping the Myspace Music Unsigned Band's charts. A Red Ink intern discovered the band while looking through the Myspace Music charts, and they were signed shortly thereafter.
With lyrics and melodies to their songs like "Shake It" it's no wonder that they have had a huge success already. They have what people like in a band; talent, appearance, good music, and of course appealing music videos. We can expect more fame and success from Metro Station this coming summer. They are headlining with Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the disco, and others.

Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin was born in 1962 to parents Lyn and Bob Irwin, who were animal naturalists. He shared the love for animals all his life, stemming from being raised at the Queensland Reptile and Fauna Park. There, he partook in daily duties of animal feeding and care. He quickly established himself with the Queensland's government on the process of the country's Crocodile Relocation Program, in which the reptiles could be transferred and relocated to proper localities in the most absolute humane, non-tranquilizing manner. He Married Terri Raines, a young American whom he met when she visited the zoo in 1992. they had one daughter named Bindi Sue Irwin, born July 24, 1998. He died of a Sting Ray sting in the spring

I think that he was a very brave guy. I know that I would not have have done over half of what he did. He was very brave and smart.

All About Willis

Bruce Willis He was {born March 19,1955 in west Germany} he grossed $2.55 to $3.04 billion he is the sixth highest-grossing actor and he had a album go platinum. And he left his junior year and went back to New York. He came to fame in the late 1980s he had 3 daughters before he got a divorce he was with his wife for 15 years. He received multiple awards, honors in his career for the armed forces he returned to bar scene for a part time. then he was on Miami vice and in a Levis commercial and then before his big movie die hard he was the pitch man for their golden wine cooler products and he got paid 5 to 7 million dollars over 2 years then he stooped drinking in 1988 then he went and done the die hard film and it grossed $138,708,852 and in the movie die hard he did all of his own stunts.
I think he is a really good actor and i never new that he was born on March 19 because i was born on March 19 to and i can not believe that he made that much money and i did not know he had 3 little girls. I did not think that he was a singer to lol but he got a platinum out of his singing career. And he has a lot of good movies out a few i know is Die Hard and Armageddon,The Sixth Sense

All About Albert

Albert Pujols was born Jose Alberto Pujols in the Dominican Republic on January 16, 1980. His father spent the majority of Albert's life coming and going here and there, thus Albert was raised primarily by his grandmother, America. In 1990, when Albert was ten, the family moved to the United States. Settling in New York, the family knew it was time to move when Pujols saw a man shot to death right in front of him. Shortly after that, his family moved to Missouri.

Albert Pujols bases so much of his life on his family. He met his wife Diedre at a Latin dance club in Kansas City at the age of 21. His strong christian faith impacts his daily life as he fathers his three kids Isabella, Albert Jr., and Sophia. Unfortunately, Isabella was born with Down Syndrome, thus providing the reason for Pujols' foundation that he and his wife have worked to establish.

Baseball was always his passion though, and while attending Fort Osage High School, in which he was a gifted student and led his high school baseball team to a state championship. Shortly after that, he ended up playing baseball at Maple Woods Community College near Kansas City, Missouri. Pujols was set for the upcoming baseball draft. The Boston Redsox had made all indications that he would be their first round choice, but they passed up on him. He ended up not being drafted until round 13. Just like his boyhood idol Julio Franco, he was now a professional.

His professional career is one for the record books. He broke in under interesting circumstances, only getting to play when starting third baseman Bobby Bonilla was injured in Spring Training. After spending only one season in the minors, he was a star. He broke in with a bang by hitting a home run in his first week of service in the MLB off of Armando Reynoso of the Arizona Diamondbacks. He shortly became the first Cardinal since Wally Moon in 1954 to homer on his home opener when he did it in 2001. He has since become the first player in MLB history to hit 30+ home runs in his first seven seasons. He became a US citizen in February 2007 after scoring a perfect score on his naturalization test.

Albert Pujols is a great baseball player and person. In a day in which kids need a positive role model, people like Albert Pujols need to be in the public eye. As a Cardinal fan, I follow him out of admiration and pride.

Seether's recent album

Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces
Like Suicide
Fake It
Rise Above This
No Jesus Christ
Six Gun Quota
Walk Away from the Sun
Eyes of the Devil
Don't Believe
Who: Seether
What: the new album
When: Recently
Where: Everywhere music is sold
Why: Seether should be listened to because Shaun Morgan has an amazing voice, and his songs sound good, to me at least.

Can You Duet

Can you Duet is a TV serious, its about taking two people and putting them to gather to see if they can duet. This TV show started with CMT teaming up with American Idol to find the next big stars. This TV show is ran basically just like American Idol. Each team will preform in front of three judges. At the end of each show one team will be eliminated, until there is one team left.

Personal I think that this is stupid and that people need to do it the old fashion way. Look at all the big stars from the past like Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, and Reba McEntire that didn't have these TV shows to help them get started.They took the hard way and finally got what they wanted. Know there are so many music artist that get to be on TV and start out with help which most of the older country and other artist didn't have. So to me it like cheating or even sleeping your way to the top. And then when the times get hard they will not know how to deal with it. So the lose all their faith and plummet to the ground and there goes their fame. Nothing good ever comes out of taking the easy way to the top. If you are always taking the easy way you never learn how to deal with the hard times.


The two finalist of this year's American Idol were the between the Davids. There was David Cook and David Archuleta. David Cook was crowned the winner. Cook won with 12 million more votes than Archuleta.

I watch American Idol every year and I never end up loving someone on there. I know this is a contest ,but I look at it as a comedy. Some of the people on there are really bad and all you can do is laugh. I'm glad that David Cook won this year. I didn't like Archuleta at all. Cook is older and I thought that he desired to win. The two Davids were about ten years apart. Archuleta is still in High School. Also, Cook is a rocker. Every time I saw Archuleta I thought that he looked 12 and the words "sissy boy" would come to mind. I liked the final results of American Idol even though Cook's not my idol.
The Director is Timur Bekmambetov and the relase date is june 27 2008. And ther is a new person comeing in and he is 25 his name is WESLEY GIBSON and the plot is tells the tale of one apathetic nobody's transformation into an unparalleled enforcer of justice.Rated R for strong bloody violence throughout, pervasive language and some sexuality.The Filming Locations is broadview Illinois USA the company is kickstart productions.
My opinion is i think it will be a good movie. I like action pack movies and just by the priview of the movie it is a really action pack movie and the part in the priview that i think it will be a good 1 is she dose a 360 in a car and the man sits down in the car. And the new guy in the movie shoots a gun and the bullet and i gose arond something and hits the target.

Baiting Deer! Right or Wrong?

Baiting deer should it be legal or not?

Baiting deer is something that all hunters would like to do. Baiting deer means a guaranteed kill. Most people would like the baiting of deer to be legal so that they can kill big deer. But it's not legal. And that is why it is not. If every hunter got a deer every time they went out to hunt. It would not be hunting. Hunting without bait creates a challenge and that is what hunting is all about. It would not be fun if I got a deer every time I went out. Baiting deer is ok before season but I think that the law saying that we can not bait deer during season is a great law. Cause not only would it no longer be fun but the animals would become extinct. I love deer hunting and i would rather not bait the deer and not get one every time instead of not being able to hunt them no more. There are a lot of people that bait deer during season taking the risk of getting caught by the conservationist or other hunters. If a person got caught baiting there land I think the law says that you lose your hunting privilege's for a year. But on this subject I would have to agree with the law saying that we should not bait our land during deer seasons.

The Death of Bo Diddley

Yesterday, America lost a musical icon. Bo Diddley, famed American blues man died yesterday at the age of 79. He died in his home after losing a lifelong battle with illness. A lot of people are not familiar with the works of Diddley, but they should be. This rock and roll hall of famer left a legacy that is undeniable.

I am saddened in a way, because the musical giants of yesterday are getting sick or even dying. In fact, Eddie Van Halen has just received a new hip. Billy Powell, famed Lynyrd Skynyrd pianist on the song Free Bird, is going to have to take a break their current tour to have his hip replaced. I wonder what the music landscape will look like when the musical greats are all dead. Who will be the ones to step and be the next generation of greats? Who could possibly pick up the slack? Looking around at what is being produced, I really don't know.

HIM information.

The alternative rock band HIM (originally called His Infernal Majesty) bears the unique distinction of being the only Finnish rock band to ever have a record go gold in the United States with their 2005 album Dark Light. After dominating in Linkin Park’s Projekt Revolution tour, HIM is ready to headline their own tour in support of their latest album, 2007’s Venus Doom.

HIM is one of my favorite bands in the whole world. They are labled as "Love Metal." This seems accurate to me. Most of their songs are about love. I love their lyrics and everything about them. I'm so happy that their album went gold. They deserve it all the way. Plus, Ville Valo is hot. Haha.


Switchfoot i think is one of the best bands in christian bands ever. The song i like the best would have to be On Fire, in that song he says " your oon fire when he's near you. Your on fire when he speaks." when he says that he means (I hope i don't offened anyone by this) that your on fire when you in the holy spirit's presnts, your on fire when he speaks. All through the song he talks about being in gods presents. He kind of tells you that it feels like when you are in his presents.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

what not to do and not to do during your band practice and perfomances !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. don't expect alot of praise at first
2. never pratice on a rainy day (it is bad luck!!!!!!!!!)
3. don't make eachother mad and throw the supplies outside!!!!!!!!!
4. don't yell at the producer!!!!!!!!!!!
5. never drink milk while playing the keyboard!!!!!!!!
6. don't puke in the microphone!!!!!!!!!!
7. go pee before practice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8. never eat mexican food before a performance and fart during a performance(beano)!!!!!!!!!!
9.don't get your lyrics idea's from a baby!!!
10. don't get your lyrics idea's from alfred hitchcock movies!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is good advise of what to do and not to do during band practice/ perfomance. Take this advies and use it well. Good bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TOP 10 TIPS-- passing your driver's test

10. Don't speed: No, having a cop sitting beside in the car instead of chasing you doesn't give you the right to travel above the number on the sign. They don't like that.

9. Don't make your turns too sharp: People often times have a good sense of humor, however rolling a beat up Buick through their prized lawns doesn't often bring the best out in people.

8. Don't flirt: A strange rule for passing your driver's test, but yes, a very relevant rule. Though you may be pretty fly for a white guy, wait until you have your picture taken after passing your test before showing off your new wheels to the ladies that probably couldn't care less anyway.

7. Don't try to run over traffic cops: These brave souls are public servants and are there to HELP YOU. Don't treat them as the cones used to parallel parking. They are somebody's relative somewhere.

6. Don't misunderstand road signs: No, the sign slow children playing is not an advertisement for the amount of children with down syndrome within a given area. It actually means to SLOW DOWN, because parents tell their kids to go play in the street.

5. Don't get too nervous: Wetting your pants is not a badge of honor. That makes you weak. Weak drivers are dangerous drivers.

4. Make sure your driving school instructor has all of the right connections: If you are going to be failing your test again, make sure that your cop finds your instructor's use of Old Spice strikingly appealing. If not, that's why we have public transportation.

3. Study, study, study: How do you study for a driver's test? You just have to live and learn. Plus, you might get a cop that will pass you out of pity for your beat up jalopy.

2. Don't sweat parallel parking: Man, half of New York can't drive anyway. Like those people can parallel park! If you live in an area in which parallel parking is important, drive a GEO Metro. Anybody can parallel park in a GEO Metro.

1. Know what the various pieces of equipment do on the inside of a car: When the cop asks you what each part does, rolling your eyes in the back of your head and pretending to die only works so many times. After that, an appointment with a secluded padlocked room awaits you.

Use these tips wisely, because it is your life and mine when you hit the road.

Hitting Lessons

I know most people that will read this dont play softball or baseball, but I will teach you anyway.
  • If the pitcher is fast, stand back in the box. If they are slow, stand far up in the box.
  • Play to your strengths. If you have trouble with inside pitches, open your stance and swing earlier. Vise-Versa for people with trouble hitting outside pitches.
  • Watch the ball
  • Dont try to kill the ball because you will pull your head and miss.
  • Sometimes it helps to step before a swing to get more power and not swing harder.
  • Have a level swing with a slight upward slant.
  • Twist your feet after you swing.
  • Remember to time it right.

Now I have taught you the basics of hitting. I hope you use them well.

How to look/be like an "EMO KID"

There are many qualities in which people are called an "Emo Kid".

1. The hair- Mainly in the face/black with highlights.

2. The pose- Bending over/looking away/hand behind them

3. Attire-Tight pants/shirts/belt/some kind of necklace

4. Piercings-Lip is the main one

5. Make up-Heavy eyeliner

6. Shoes-Vans/Converse/Ked's

7. Band T-shirts-Any Emo bands

8. Emo love-Common quote "Together Forever"