Friday, March 20, 2009

hey wat up?!?!?!

hey wat up everyone well now school is allmost over and the guys just won 3rd in the state totally cool but i still think we should have gotten out of school for that the first team that we played cancelled shools when they found out that they made it to state!!!!!!!! yet we didn't get out!?!?!?!?!!?!?! we never get out for anything like for the past 4 years softball has went to state yet we didn't get oout of school i still don't like our new principle he is a jerk!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hello. It doesn't seem like anyone posts anymore, but I guess there's really no point, 'cause the "legacy" is over. It was fun, nevertheless. Thanks for the opportunity Monsieur T!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

becuse it's almost school again D:

Hello whoever is reading, How was your summer?
Hope it was better than mine.
Stopping by because i thought i'd see if anyone still posted on here.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


A 25-year-old man, pursued by police after he tried to run down his girlfriend with his car, fled on foot across Interstate 45 near Houston, but was struck and killed by cars, this happend in febuary. I think that this guy was so stupid he atleast could of waited for the cars to pass to where there was a gap in the road.

Video Blogging

This video intrigues me a lot. I think having a Rorschach test as the basis of a video is ingenious. The images of the video show the mental faculties of somebody being crazy quite well. The ironic aspect of this video is that the Rorschach test is used to test the mental faculties of somebody that is rumored as being crazy. This video is very well conceived a tells the story of the song. I love how the video accentuates the song.

This is considered to be the grand daddy of all music videos. This is the complete version shot by filmmaker John Landis. I really think this may be the most influential music video ever because it changed the rules. Due to this video, we now have awards for 'long form' and 'short form' music videos. Before Michael Jackson made this video, they were all shot up to formula and were really predictable. This music video is actually shot like a short horror film. Michael Jackson had seen John Landis make the hit film "An American Werewolf in London" and thought that he could do the same with his song Thriller.

These two videos are very well done. Sit back and enjoy. Notice the disclaimer at the beginning of the song. The video was so well done that he had to put a disclaimer at the beginning, so viewers and die hard fans knew that he was not of the occult.

Sudden Stop

Seven kids from Wisconsin decided to drive around town after a party and pull up stop signs. They all got into a truck, one in the front, and six in the back. They drove around the back roads and pulled one stop sign after another out of the ground, hoping to get as many as they could fit into the truck. They managed to acquire 27 stop signs before they decided to speed back to the party. They were hit by a delivery vehicle at an intersection that had a safety marker at it. The six kids in the back of the truck were killed, and the driver was badly injured.

I actually think this is pretty funny. It's like " Now we'll never have to worry about running any stop signs around here again!" Well, they won't have to worry about anything again.



Director: Micheal Bay

Writers: Robert Roy Pool, Jonathan Hensliegh.

It was released July 1, 1998

Plot: There is an Astriod headed straight to Earth and a group of people have to nuke it before a certain time limit or the Earth will be gone for ever!

This movie is a Thriller, action, Romantic movie!

This Movie also won 4 Oscars, had another 12 wins and 27 nominees.

It is rated PG-13!!

Bruce Willis is the main actor in this movie!!!

This is a great movie I own this and I love this movie!! I would recommend anyone to watch it!!


Larry Walters of Los Angeles is one of the few to contend for the Darwin Awards and live to tell the tale. When Larry was a young boy his dream was to fly. He never got the chance to fly though due to poor eyesight. That wasn't going to keep Larry from flying. Larry then decides to get an "extremely comfortable" Sears lawnchair and perchase 45 weather balloons from an Army-Navy surplus store. He tied the balloons to his lawnchair filled with helium. Then he strapped himself into his lawnchair with some sandwiches, Miller Lite, and a pellet gun. He thought that he would shoot the balloons when it was time for him to desend. Larry's plan was that he would stay in his backyard 30 feet above the ground. Things didn't work the way Larry planned. When his friends cut the cord anchoring the lawnchair to his Jeep, he didn't float up 30 feet. Instead he made it to 16,000 feet in the L.A. sky. After reaching this height he didn't feel like he should shoot any balloons. He just stayed there for more than 14 hours eating and drinking beer. Eventually he reached Trans World Airlines and Delta Airlines. This is when he decides to shoot some of the balloons. Larry ends up getting caught in powerlines. Blacking out a Long Beach neighborhood. Then he is arrested.

People say not to drink when you are on the road. Why would drinking while in the air seem any smarter? People are stupid! That's all I have to say about that.


Indie rock band Ludo was formed in Tulsa, OK, in 2003 by Andrew Volpe, Tim Ferrell, Tim Convy, Marshall Fanciullo, and Matt Palermo. The group based itself in St. Louis, MO. It was in St. Louis that they recorded their self-titled debut album, released in 2003 on Redbird Records. The EP Broken Bride followed in 2005. In the fall of 2006, Ludo was signed to Island Records, part of the major label Universal Music. Working with producer Matt Wallace (Maroon 5, Train, Faith No More), they recorded their label debut, You're Awful, I Love You, which was released on February 26, 2008.

I really like that song Love me dead. It is sooo funny! It's kind of like an oxymoron. I think everyone should listen to this song. Da da da da da da. Lol.

How To Play Basketball

Anyone can play if you want to all you have to do is put the ball in the hoop. All you really have to do is shoot the ball and get lucky and make it most of the time you can. And you also have to do is bounce the ball and you have to know how to pass the ball to other people and not get the ball taken from you and not slap or hit the other team. You will also have to know that there is rules to the game you can not go back cort after you cross the red line and you can not step out of bonds and you can not wall with out bounceing the ball if you stop bounceing the ball you can not move you pivet foot and you will have to shoot or pass the ball to some one els that is open and that is all you really need to know about how to play basketball if you have any thing to ask me about this then ask i will tell you what i know